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Vedanta, the culmination of Vedas is a system to enable Sadhakas an Advaitic Experience. It is a protocol system that was interpreted by Adi Shankara Bhagavad Pada – in accordance with the tradition – rightly for the achievement of the only true Goal of Life which is Realization of the Self.

Now, “Vedanta” has become a fashionable word and is losing it’s true meaning. It’s being oft-quoted to the extent of people taking it to be just a fancy and without any traditional leanings. Adding to it is the explosion of self-styled gurus claiming to propound “Vedanta” simply essentially stripping it off any tradition and authenticity.

“Vedanta through Shastra” is a refreshing (ironically) approach to learning Vedanta that any serious aspirant must follow. It emphasizes on a Shastric way of acquiring the essence of all the key philosophies – “Shadh Darshanas” of the age old Indian System to be the foundation of a non-shakeable Vedantic Knowledge and Experience.

The System has been pioneered by all the traditional Gurus and has been passed on since time immemorial. Also it’s been a part of the ancient Educational system in India and was taught mandatorily to all the students.

Here, Swamiji is bringing forth to us the same System – A Shastric Approach To Learning Vedanta – Shashtriya Vedanta, in simple English / Tamil / Hindi, through translations of the primary works on each of the darshanas and through a comprehensive package of Lectures given in simple English / Tamil / Hindi on the “Prasthana Thrayi” namely Brahma Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, “Brihad Prasthana Thrayi” Advaita-Siddhi, Khandana-Khanda-Khadya as well on other great Advaitic works like Pancadasi etc., This is a treasure not to be found anywhere else, especially for English / Tamil / Hindi knowing Sadhakas, as such a traditional approach and easy explanation of Shastra can only be obtained by diligent seekers sitting at the feet of their Guru in a true Guru-Shishya Spirit.

So, Let us at least emulate that spirit and utilize this treasure-trove for aiding us abide in the Self – Atman.

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